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  1. Pilgrims. Pilgrims: The Escape of Courageous People The Pilgrims were English Separatists who founded Plymouth Colony in The Pilgrims, fleeing religious persecution, broke away from the Church of England because they felt the Church violated biblical principles of true Christians.
  2. Learn the pilgrims progress with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of the pilgrims progress flashcards on Quizlet.
  3. The Bible: The Pilgrims read the Geneva Bible, published in England in They had rebelled against the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope and the Church of England as well. Their religious practices and lifestyle were solely Bible-based. While the Anglican Church used a Book of Common Prayer, the Pilgrims read only from a psalm book, rejecting any prayers written by men.
  4. To my knowledge, there are no recent Christian books on the subject, although the second best-selling Christian book behind the Bible (“Pilgrim’s Progress”) deals with this important theme. My subject is the pilgrim life--the fact that we are just passing through this life, journeying toward heaven.
  5. A Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Notes and Commentary on The Pilgrim's Progress by Ken Puls. Run in with Shame. Christian: Met you with nothing else in that valley? Faithful: Yes, I met with Shame; but of all the men that I met with in my pilgrimage, he, I think, bears the wrong name.
  6. The Pilgrims By John McCrae About this Poet Born in Guelph, Ontario, Canadian poet, soldier, and physician John McCrae earned his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Toronto, where he received the Gold Medal. As a physician, he worked at Toronto General Hospital, Johns Hopkins Hospital, McGill University, the Royal Alexandra.
  7. Sep 04,  · The Pilgrims didn’t name Plymouth, Massachusetts, for Plymouth, England. In fact, the Pilgrims didn’t name Plymouth, Massachusetts, at all. It had been dubbed that years earlier by .
  8. Fifth, the Pilgrims were evangelists who set us an example in sharing their spiritual and material blessings with others. In the Mayflower Compact the Pilgrims committed themselves to the “advancement of the Christian faith.” The Pilgrims at Plymouth were followed by the Puritans at Massachusetts Bay. Together they built churches and schools.

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