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  1. Il utilise également beaucoup la gamme tzigane hongroise.: He also makes much use of the Hungarian gypsy scale.: En option, dîner au restaurant avec programme folklorique et musique tzigane.: Optional, have dinner to the restaurant with folk program and gypsy music.: Pisla Helmstetter (), mémoire de la communauté tzigane d'Alsace.: Pisla Helmstetter (), author of memories.
  2. Tzigane is a rhapsodic composition by the French composer Maurice Ravel. It was commissioned by and dedicated to Hungarian violinist Jelly d'Arányi, great-niece of the influential violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim. The original instrumentation was for violin with accompaniment by luthéal.
  3. Tzigane should have been premiered 30 or more years ago at least. It does not fit in with modern Frenchness of definedness, exhibiting qualities of romantic violin concerti and appropriating from a culture that is the opposite of what French music should be.
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  5. Define Tzigane. Tzigane synonyms, Tzigane pronunciation, Tzigane translation, English dictionary definition of Tzigane. n a. a Gypsy, esp a Hungarian one b.: Tzigane music.
  6. The Hungarian derives from Byzantine Greek τσιγγάνος (tsingános, “Gypsy"). Cognate to Italian zigano and Spanish cíngaro. More broadly, also cognate to German Zigeuner, Italian zingaro, Portuguese cigano, Polish Cygan, Czech Cikán, Russian цыган.
  7. Tzigane By Maurice Ravel () - Sheet Music For Orchestra, Violin (Buy Print Music HL From Editions Durand At Sheet Music Plus).
  8. May 13,  · From the Hungarian cigány via French tzigane, from Byzantine Greek τσιγγάνος (tsingános, “Gypsy”). Cognate to Italian zigano and zingaro, Spanish cíngaro, German Zigeuner, Dutch zigeuner, Portuguese cigano, Romanian țigan, Polish Cygan, Czech Cikán, Russian цыган (cygan), Turkish Çingene. Doublet of zingaro.

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