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  1. Synonyms for pass on in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for pass on. 22 synonyms for pass on: hand, turn over, pass, reach, give, impart, give, leave, advance, march on.
  2. pass (something) to (one) 1. To deliver something to one by hand. Hey, Sarah, would you mind passing this to Stephen? You're closer than I am. I passed the note to him very discreetly. 2. To deliver something to one by throwing it to them. He passed the book to me from across the room, nearly hitting the light fixture as he did. Here, pass your keys.
  3. pass on From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English pass on phrasal verb 1 pass something ↔ on to give someone a piece of information that someone else has given to you pass something ↔ on to She said she’d pass the message on to the other students. 2 pass something ↔ on a).
  4. Define pass. pass synonyms, pass pronunciation, pass translation, English dictionary definition of pass. v. passed, pass·ing, pass·es v. intr. 1. To move on or .
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  6. Definition of pass on: to die —used as a polite way to avoid saying the word "die" Have both your parents passed on? Learn More about pass on Dictionary Entries near pass on.
  7. pass something on 1. Lit. to hand or give something (to another person). Have a piece of toffee and pass the box on.
  8. 1. phrasal verb If you pass something on to someone, you give it to them so that they have it instead of you. The Queen is passing the money on to a selection .

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