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  2. [more right on; most right on] chiefly British, informal + sometimes disapproving usually right-on: having or supporting liberal or left-wing beliefs and opinions about how people should be treated one of the right-on people.
  3. Sep 28,  · right on; Adjective. right-on (comparative more right-on, superlative most right-on) (chiefly Britain, often derogatory) Possessing political and social views that are considered to be fashionable and left-wing.
  4. Righting definition, in accordance with what is good, proper, or just: right conduct. See more.
  5. right on 1. To put in or restore to an upright or proper position: They righted their boat. 2. To put in order or set right; correct: measures designed to right generations of unfair labor practices. 3. To make reparation or amends for; redress: right a wrong.
  6. Right on definition is - exactly correct —often used interjectionally to express agreement. How to use right on in a sentence. exactly correct —often used interjectionally to express agreement; attuned to .
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  8. Right On. K likes. Right On is an online resource for the rising True Right of Europe. Putting the Action in Reactionary.

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